Promotional Products

The Top Trending Promotional Products of 2020

We’ve compiled a list of the top trending promotional products of last year, so you know which direction the market is moving towards, and allocate your marketing budget to those custom promotional products for which your customers appreciate you most.
With Apple having removed the earphone port from the new iPhone, it’s evident that bluetooth enabled wireless earphones / headphones are the future.
If you think futuristically, wireless earphones would make a great promotional gift due to their simplicity and utility. Your customers would love you for giving them a good pair of wireless earphones that they can use to listen to their favorite music. The things you need to be mindful of include:
Another increasingly popular category of cheap promotional products are health & fitness trackers that users can wear around their wrist. This category is particularly loved among Gen Y folks, since they’re tech savvy, interested in health & fitness and are mostly addicted to their smartphones.
Giving away a good fitness tracker and that syncs easily with iOS or Android mobile devices is the key to this product’s success. You want your customers to feel like you truly care about their wellbeing, and the only way to do so through this product is the ease of use, durability and compatibility with the devices they use.
A solar phone charger charges cell phone batteries through solar energy, without the need for an electrical power socket. This promotional product is loved by folks who like to engage in outdoor activities, camping, travelling and are environmentally conscious.
Another promotional items that makes a great give away at trade shows, exhibitions and otherwise is the “Ninja Loop”. It’s basically a phone strap that allows users to grip their phones easily, preventing the damage caused to them when they’re dropped on the ground!
Interestingly, people love to use the grip when they’re lying in their beds holding their phones above their faces to view the screen. The grip users use fingers on both their hands, while still being able to grip the phone.
It’s cheap, trendy, and a great way to be remembered. And the best part is that users love them!
In summary, there’s a whole range of new and trendy wholesale promotional products you can use as promotional gifts. Take full advantage of them in your promotional item mix to remain popular among your audience by adding value in interesting and meaningful ways!