The Difference between Hulk and Kermit

Putting the two replica watches side by side makes it easy to understand why Rolex Hulk is called the Hulk. The Hulk debuted in 2010, and its color is particularly outstanding. 116610LV then appeared on Rolex Kermit, and both on the bezel and dial. However, this is not just as simple as changing black to green. Actually, the surface of the Hulk dial does not have the “sunburst” effect like the ordinary green glossy dial, similar to the blue dial. The dial fits the two-color and golden yellow versions of Rolex Submariner.
Another big upgrade was to change the material of the frame panel from aluminum to Cerachrom (ceramic), which was an exciting new technology back then. Because of its high scratch resistance and no impact from corrosion and discoloration, ceramic is a better choice for modern watches. Although the Hulk case has the same diameter as the Kermit case, it is actually worn very differently on the wrist, although the case diameter is 40 mm. To introduce a new ceramic bezel, Rolex has updated the Submariner’s case to extend the protection of its lugs and crown (known as the “Rolex Super Case”). When the case diameter remains the same at 40mm, the updated ratio will create a larger overall appearance and angular appearance. watches for lady
Rolex does not often make enormous alternations to its classic replica watches. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Hulk Submariner was treated with caution when it was first released, and has a fervent Rolex collector Reserved. However, just like Kermit, in the years since the Hulk was released, fans of Rolex Submariner have fully accepted the all-green Hulk, and it has become a highly sought-after collection.
So how do choose between Hulk and Comite? Although both fake watches are Rolex Submariner green watches, there are still some significant differences between them. The Kermit is older than the Hulk, and because it is a previous generation product, it cannot provide the same modern conveniences as the Hulk currently produced.
In addition to different bezel materials, dial colors, and case proportions, the Oyster bracelets of these two watches are also very different. The bracelet on Kermit has a hollow middle link and an embossed clasp with a folding wetsuit extension. Despite the similar appearance, the redesigned Oyster bracelet on the Hulk has a fully secure link and a machined Oyster bracelet safety buckle with the brand’s Glidelock expansion system, which can be used up to 2mm The increment of the instant adjustment (maximum about 20mm).