Pure Gold Rolex Submariner 1680

Actor, executive producer, writer, Justin Theroux wears many hats. He has also become a style icon, though he doesn’t stick to the tradition of leading menswear in high-end designer threads (though he seems to like replica watches). Instead, he likes the skinny black jeans and leather motorcycle gear he has worn since college.
While he has appeared on the cover of GQ – and countless supermarket tabloids courtesy of his more famous predecessor – we admire his bucking trend, most other Tinseltown types blindly follow. Theroux’s clothes were sometimes criticized for being stuck in the 1990s, but his watch game was so powerful that all other tailors’ sins could be forgiven.
Theroux (of course) is a Rolex fan and prefers vintage models, and again he chooses fake watches less popular but with no lack of cool. Take the 18k gold Submariner Ref. He was recently found wearing it in 1680. Solid gold sub-dials are kind of rare because the model’s most popular and collectible reference is stainless steel. But wavering is a strong statement.
Theroux’s Rolex replica watch is actually from the year he was born in 1971. Prices are in the $40,000 range and are hard to find. It’s very similar to gold 16618, and it will cost you half as much (and is a good buy), but it has more vintage feelings, such as a “nipple” dial and acrylic glass. The story goes that Theroux began hunting down submarines as a birthday gift to himself in 1971.
Theroux is also known for his sturdy gold Rolex date President, which isn’t the first watch you’d expect from someone with his style, but he’s doing pretty well. He also saw Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and IWC sports in various red-carpet shows and magazine features. But we suspect it comes from his personal collection. So what replica watches should Theroux be wearing? We highly recommend the 1955 Rolex Explorer II 1655 – this was the first year that the reference made its debut. The watch became known as the Steve McQueen, and although there was little evidence that the actor had worn it, it was still a relatively unpopular watch. Rolex uses some design cues for the 40th-anniversary edition, but classic retro references are certainly rarer.