Watch Review of Tissot PRX

An interesting and unexpected new watch from Switzerland’s Tissot this year is a re-released classic version of the 1978 Tissot PRX 40 205. For years, I’ve been saying that quartz movement-based watches are poised for a renaissance for watch enthusiasts, and in 2021, we’re one big step closer to that goal. The importance of the 2021 Tissot PRX watch lies not in any particular innovation or feature, but in its well-crafted and capable nature.
As of this writing, Tissot’s first replica watches have sold out, and one can easily see why. First, Tissot knew that steel watches with integrated straps were very popular, again. The real goal was a sporty design that featured a case integrated with a matching bracelet. The visual experience of how light interacts with the many brushed and polished surfaces is what enthusiasts are really looking for.
The steel case is 40 mm wide and the distance between the lugs is approximately 44 mm, which makes it very easy to wear. Tissot has updated the dimensions of the modern PRX from the late 1970s model, and the 100-meter water resistance and sapphire crystal on the dial enhance the durability. I wish there was an AR coating on the sapphire crystal, but that may not be easy to do at this price point.
The PRX has a simple and straightforward dial that focuses on readability and a worldly look. These aren’t what you’d call exciting dials, but they are classic, conservative, and versatile from a style standpoint. The blue, silver, or black dial colors work well, and the applied hour markers help them look their best. Overall, the dials are very well proportioned and my only criticism of the dials is that the hour and minute hands could be a little less shiny.
Where the Tissot PRX really shines is in the finishing of the case and strap. At a glance, this is very reminiscent of a watch that costs several times more. More importantly, the tight tolerances and smoothness of the bracelet links are very well done, which is unusual for a replica Rolex watch in this price range. Tissot is particularly proud of the fact that the case is available in a variety of different polished and brushed finishes, (again) uncommon for a watch in this price range.
The graduated bracelet closes with a butterfly-style folding strap with thin links, which helps the fake watch to be more comfortable to wear and, in my opinion, more stylish. Tissot has also included a tool-free bracelet release system at the lugs that allows you to easily remove the bracelet. The inherent bracelet attachment system doesn’t mean you can replace it with any third-party strap, but it seems Tissot may consider selling optional straps for the PRX line in the near future.