Introduction of Longines Moonphase watches

Longines’ master collection has been the home of Longines for about 15 years, as its more traditional pieces draw on classic watchmaking techniques rather than full-blown retro. The latest addition is this set of low-key moon phases. There are seven different executions, all based on the same basic layout, utilizing the central run seconds and the subdial, including the date and moon phases. This is a very traditional practice and one of the time-tested complications of the replica watch industry.
Of the seven different cases, you’ll find that two different case sizes — 40mm and 42mm — are made of stainless steel, with a choice of embossed leather strap or steel strap. Do you want a silver dial with Arabic numerals? I see. How about a daylight blue dial with a diamond marker? You can have that too. All models are powered by the Longines L899, a version of the ETA A31. The L91 was made specifically for them (remember, eta is also part of the swatch group). As for pricing, what you see is a hair without diamonds for less than $2,500 and a hair with diamonds for just under $2,800. Not bad. The result is a range of fake watches that meet many criteria and should appeal to first-time buyers and enthusiasts.
Diamonds are interesting. For real, I think many of my colleagues would agree with me that there is a certain point in every collector’s replica watches journey when something more dazzling starts to become more attractive, no matter how conservative your tastes. You can certainly satisfy this desire with something completely exaggerated, but you can also choose something more low-key. Like vintage Datejusts or Seamasters with diamond markers and the like, I put these new fake Rolex watches into the latter category. The dial has quite a few colors and variations, not to mention the size of the two cases, but for me, the black lacquered dial and diamond markings are clearly highlighted. Wear it on a beautiful strap and you can buy a fancy dress watch for less than $3,000. I’ll basically co-sign it.