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Rolex GMT-Master “Root Beer”

Root beer reminds us of simpler times – the days of pouring drinks over ice cream instead of ice cubes. But we had to grow up somehow, and luckily for us, we got something just as sweet with the Rolex GMT Root Beer bezel.
Rolex first introduced the GMT-Master in 1954 in response to the aviation world’s need for a timepiece to help pilots and crew keep track of time while traveling across multiple time zones. The result is a sports watch that includes a 24-hour bezel that corresponds to the GMT hand on the dial to track two different time zones simultaneously. Since its release, the Rolex GMT-Master has grown into an impressive collection of watches worn by everyone from professional athletes and celebrities to pilots and military personnel.
Now, it may not be as satisfying as your childhood drink, but the Rolex Root Beer GMT is certainly a fun way to indulge in a luxury watch. With that in mind, it probably goes without saying that not everyone agrees. Some Rolex GMT-Master enthusiasts find it hard to accept the idea of a brown color going further than a leather strap. However, for those who prefer root Rolex beer bezels, these replica watches are a real treat.
It’s fitting that we were first introduced to the Root Beer Bezel in the 1970s – it just feels vintage and oozes funk, doesn’t it? While it’s a cool choice, it’s also surprising. Rolex isn’t known for putting itself out there, so the Root Beer Bezel is really one of those rare instances when the brand decides to lean into the times and release something a little offbeat and different from the rest of the model portfolio.
The Rolex GMT-Master – the popular pilot’s watch since the 1950s – has been essentially a handsome but practical timepiece for the past 20 years. Around 1970, Rolex released the Ref. 16753 as the first GMT-Master. The 16753, the first replica Rolex GMT-Master, offered the Rolesor model, which is the brand’s signature stainless steel and gold combination. The watch was available in two variants, the first with a black dial and matching black bezel, and the second with a brown dial with brown and gold bezel – the first Rolesor Beer GMT-Master.