Most Popular Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Series

For the most part, the Rolex Yacht Prestige 42 number 226659 is a larger white gold version of the Everose Yacht Prestige 40, also on an Oysterflex strap. However, the number 226659 does have some unique features that make it immediately recognizable and distinguishable from all other Rolex watches.
Perhaps the most striking feature of the replica Rolex Yacht-Masterpiece 42 226659 is its 42 mm case, made of solid 18-carat white gold. This is not only because the 226659 is the only 42mm Yacht-Masterpiece model, but it also features the only white gold construction. Moreover, there is even a 44 mm version of the Yacht Prestige II Sailboat Chronograph made of white gold and platinum bezel, but reference 226659 is the only iteration of the classic Yacht Prestige offered in all 18-carat white gold.
Just as the Rolex Yachtmaster 37mm and 40mm Stellar Gold models are also available with Oysterflex straps, the Yachtmaster 226659 features a bi-directional chronograph bezel with an insert made of Rolex’s proprietary Cerachrom ceramic material. The black ceramic insert is given a matte sandblasted texture and the raised indexes have a high polish to enhance contrast. Although available in different case sizes and in different materials, the matte black ceramic insert on the Yacht-Master 42 immediately links it to the other Oysterflex strap Yacht-Master watches in the Rolex portfolio.
One of the more interesting details about how Rolex replica chose to build its catalog is that the Oysterflex strap is exclusively equipped for the brand’s solid gold models. Whether made on a Daytona, Sky-Dweller, or Yacht-Master watch, all models equipped with Oysterflex are crafted from solid 18k gold. At the time of writing, Oysterflex straps are only found on the Yacht-Master 40 and Yacht-Master 37 watches in 18k Everose gold, and the Yacht-Master 42 in 18k white gold.
The fake Rolex Oysterflex strap is likely the most over-designed rubber strap in the world – however, calling it a “rubber strap” is a bit misleading. Rolex specifically refers to it as a bracelet in its catalog because the flexible strap has a flexible metal core for optimal durability and longevity. In addition, the bottom of the strap has a comfort pad that keeps the strap slightly off the wrist, better distributing the weight of the watch and promoting air circulation.